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SCA Designs is a leading designer and manufacturer of youth sports apparel for the United States, Mexico, and Canada. From baseball caps to football jerseys to gear bags, SCA Designs provides a one-stop complete solution for your child, team, or sports league.

Founded in 1993 by Steven C. Adams to provide low-cost, high-quality sports uniforms for youth baseball teams in Baja California, SCA Designs has grown to become one of the top 100 sports apparel manufacturers in the world, expanding their product line to meet the changing needs of youth sports teams while maintaining their competitive pricing and uncompromising quality.

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on how we can create a custom or off-the-rack apparel solution for any sport, any sized team.

This month!

Specials on non-textile sports equipment, including helmets, cleats, shin guards, and more. Save up to 60% with purchase of 50 or more units!
Contact your SCA Designs sales representative for details.

SCA Designs is one of Steven Adams' Six Pack Companies.

For more information on the Six Pack Companies, please e-mail
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