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Job Posting CA01325

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Position:Floor Manager (2 available)
Company:SCA Designs
Description:Maintain discipline, production, and a clean, well functioning environment while creating a relaxed, hard-working atmosphere within a single unit of a large apparel manufacturing center. Assign operation stations and authorize breaks for manufacturing staff. Issue verbal and written disciplinary notices and counsel staff accordingly. Assist manufacturing employees in obtaining equipment maintenance and proper flow of raw materials as necessary to maintain consistent work flow. Work together with management and technical staff to streamline production, disciplinary functions and administrative issues. Provide insight and create action items to further production and organizational goals. Participate in division management meetings.
Requirements:Minimum 2 years experience in an apparel manufacturing environment and/or minimum 6 months experience in a supervisory/managerial capacity. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and people skills. Basic computer and typing skills. Self starter with good problem solving ability. High school diploma. Mastery of business English.

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