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Job Posting CA01338

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Position:Embroidery Operator
Company:SCA Designs
Description:Produces various embroidery designs by machine on a variety of textiles for small custom orders. Selects shades of specified colors to achieve consistent artistic results. Provides customers with accurate quality crafted embroidery. Communicates with fabric cutters, stampers and assemblers to provide positive detailed results. Communicates with Floor Manager to insure high quality performance. Creates accurate and artistic embroidery with each piece, including cataloged designs, that reflects positively on the company. Measures and squares all lines before and during embroidery. Carefully follows instructions and patterns to insure accurate embroidery. Works with Stockroom Manager to maintain inventory level of all supplies that are used to produce the embroideries. Duties could be modified or amended at the discretion of the Floor Manager.
Requirements:High School or Vocational School Graduate with specific applicable training. Sewing experience using a Singer 107W zigzag or similar machine. Ability to operate a Singer 107W zigzag or similar machine. High skill and learning potential to achieve excellent embroidery operation. Artistic understanding, analytical skills necessary to create beautiful embroideries in a timely and efficient manner.

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