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Job Posting CO01340

For further information, or to apply for the position, click the "I am interested" link to send email to our Human Resources department. Please attach a copy of your resume or CV in Microsoft Word or PDF formats, if available. We will contact you shortly.

Position:ColdFusion Programmer
Company:2 Fat Chicks Internet
Description:Successful candidates will be required to work on a combination of large and small projects requiring intermediate and advanced ColdFusion programming. The ability to solve problems and troubleshoot under pressure is essential. Testing and debugging applications built both by you and others will also be required. All work will be done remotely but will require the approval of the Technical Lead before deployment. All code must be thoroughly documented and revisions fielded on development and test platforms where they will be subjected to intense testing. This position may also require the development of documentation for existing applications.
Requirements:B.S. degree in Computer Science or Information Technology preferred. 3+ years of web development experience (at least 1 year in ColdFusion). Proven ability to work independently, self-motivated, strong communication skills. Requires the ability to recognize software problems and develop creative solutions for simple to complex projects. Strong knowledge of HTML and web architectures. Familiarity with configuration management and automated test tools is a plus.

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