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Job Posting VA01311

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Position:Senior System Administrator
Company:Loudoun Virginia Internet Services
Description:Responsible for the configuration, maintenance, and security of Sun Sparc and Dell Linux servers. Assures quality backup, configuration, and disaster planning. Monitors and controls system processes including SMTP, Apache, WebLogic, and ColdFusion services, and implements ongoing security updates to provide a stable and secure platform. Research and implement hardware upgrades to maintain and improve level of service as necessary.
Requirements:B.S. Degree in Information Technology or equivalent. Proficiency in TCP/IP networking on multiprotocol LAN. Demonstrated proficiency in Unix internals and operations. Experience with DNS, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, POP3, NFS, SMB, and SSH. Experience with Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 is preferred. Experience with SNMP based network management tools. Strong organizational skills and the ability to quickly assess and prioritize

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